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◢ KnowMediQ Care 

KnowMediQ Services

Never wait in endless waiting list again to receive the attention and care you need. Find with KnowMediQ , licensed professionals such as pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists and much more offering in-home, online consultation or going to your workplace to provide you with primary care, body health care and wellness care services.



Primary Care

You may find here, licensed professionals such as nurses, dental hygienists and caregivers offering at-home and online consultation services or going to your workplace to provide you with primary care services in the shortest delays.


Wellness Care

You may find here certified specialists such as life coaches, yoga instructors, psychotherapists and more offering at-home and online consultation services or going to your workplace to provide you with the service you need to regain your balance in life.


Body Health Care

You may find here certified professionals such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists and personal trainers offering at-home and online consultation services or going to your workplace to help you fell young and vibrant everyday.


Blood Test

You may find here certified professionals for all types of blood samples, urine samples, allergy test and more analyzed and sent to your family doctor in 24 hours.


Medication Delivery

You may find here pharmacy owners delivering your prescriptions, over the counter medications and different vaccines administered in the comfort of your home.

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Qualified Home Healthcare Professionals

KnowMediQ makes it its mission to be the reference for qualified at-home health providers for all your health needs.

Easy Communication

Elevate you experience through private chat with your health providers.


24 Hours Services

Have the power to schedule your appointments right here whenever you want. We are here for you!



◢ About KnowMediQ

Healthcare & Wellness Care Professionals Network

KnowMediQ provides you with a wide network of professionals for all your health care and well-being needs offered in the comfort of your home through online consultations and at-home services. The easiest way to access certified service providers and get the help you need in a record time.

Our Values:





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Cardiac Surgery


What’s Our Specialty

“Home care services allow people of all ages to receive care at home rather than in a hospital or long-term care facility. Home care has been associated with decreased mortality, improved quality of life, reduced hospitalizations and reduced health care costs.” -Statistique Canada

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◢ Health Professionals 

Meet Our Experienced Professionals


Karan Dev


A customer approach that puts you at the heart of the service in Montreal and surroundings

profile-pic (1)

Nick R Pierre


International athlete offering you his unique expertise to achieve your body health goals in Montreal and Montreal South Shore

profile-pic (2)

Golnasim Riahi


Dedicated pharmacist at your service for your personalized prescriptions and vaccinations in Montreal and surroundings.

◢ Homecare Statistics in Canada

Did You Know?


People receiving home healthcare services



People with unmet needs of healthcare services


+1.1 M

Estimation of Canadians applied for home care services in 2019


◢ Are you a self-employed health or wellness professionals offering at-home or online services?

Join us for better and smarter care and make yourself known!

What are the benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

The services are covered by private insurance companies but not by the RAMQ. However, health services are tax deductible.

All providers are certified professionals in their respective field running their business as small companies or self-employed professionals outside of KnowMediQ for many years. KnowMediQ is only providing you with the information. by regrouping all these professionals under one roof and allowing you to easily book their services for rapid care.

The health services offered in the public sector have very long waiting list and not only that you need a doctor’s recommendation but if the doctor judges that it is not a pressing problem, the wait will be even longer. The delays in the public sector is usually between 1 month to 6 months depending on the availability of the health professionals and the severity of your condition while with KnowMediQ you benefit from the alternative of the private sector and can get an appointment within a week! For the majority of the services, no doctor’s request is required.

Yes, the providers are certified professionals with multiple years of experience in their field. The website has a SSL certificate and your information will not be shared with other third parties except the health and wellness providers requiring the information for your service.

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